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WeWood Date Army/Beige

Picture of WeWood Date Army/Beige
WeWood Date Army/Beige is made from a unique combination of the Maple & Guaiaco trees.


WeWood Date Beige

Picture of WeWood Date Beige
The Maple tree is often used to create many musical instruments like the violin and the guitar, as well as this watch!


WeWood Date Beige/Brown

Picture of WeWood Date Beige/Brown
This WeWood watch is made from a unique combination of wood from the Red Wing Celtis and the Maple.


WeWood Date Black

Picture of WeWood Date Black
Blackwood is a hardwood native to Tasmania’s forests and is the perfect timber for delicate crafts work.


WeWood Date Brown

Picture of WeWood Date Brown
WeWood uses the remnent pieces from the Red Wing Celtis that would otherwise be destroyed.


WeWood Date Chocolate

Picture of WeWood Date Chocolate
Indian Rosewood is often streaked with hues of purple and red, each piece has its own unique color.


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